Hi everyone!

I'm developing a native app using p10, Silk UI Mobile 1.0.2 and Google Maps Mobile 1.1.3.

I have 2 tabs, tab1 with google maps and tab2 with random info. When i'm in the tab1 and i want to move around on the google maps and move to the right side, the tabs will swipe to tab2. 

Is there any solution to avoid the swiping between tabs when i'm on the map?

I've just encountered this same problem when trying to use a Carousel widget inside a tab. When you swipe over the carousel to see the next item, it navigates to the next tab.

It would be great to get a workaround for this.

Hi guys,

This is more of a UX problem in my opinion, given two components what use the same motion to change state, one of them will never behave as expected. Having a carousel inside tabs that swipe too is weird for users, If the carousel can be swiped, how could the tabs change?

My suggestion is to keep the carousel and maps, but drop the Tabs with swipe, you can create simple tabs using a button group on the Header Content area and then controlling the Visible property of your containers.

Hope this helps

Hi Dinis,

What I think is weird is having tabs that you can swipe. There are already headers you can tap to switch tabs, so the swipe is redundant.

It would be great if we could at least disable the swipe navigation.


Hi Aurelio,

Indeed, disabling swipe would help in that particular case.

I'll register that feedback so the team can review it.

You can still create your own tabs using the method mentioned above, using the Button Group widget.

My regards


I'll do that. Thank you!