Where to go for full documentation?

Where to go for full documentation?



I'm a product manager at a large software company, and I'm new to Outsystems.  My company is looking at doing some pilot tests using Outsystems for new product development.  Personally, I'm blown away by the potential of this platform.  I can see that low-code platforms have the potential to disrupt the whole software industry.

However, I had a question in relation to getting up to speed quickly with Outsystems.  From what I can tell, the fastest way to learn is through the video guided paths.  I've been going through those, but I was hoping to find a more comprehensive documentation with screenshots and everything for every single function in Outsystems.

The closest I could find is this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N1AG5BO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

However, this doesn't seem very comprehensive, and I was surprised that there is no order whatsoever to the table of contents under "Reference" on the left.  It seems that the each submenu item is simply ordered alphabetically by the title!  This makes it hard to follow logically.  

Besides the video walkthroughs, is there any reference that I could read pretty much from start to end to understand every single part of Outsystems?  Or is that level of learning only available in the classroom training?

Thank you, I'm excited to get up to speed quickly!


Brock -

In general, F1 from Service Studio will get you to a good starting point for your specific version of the platform.

For version 10: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10

The documentation has improved greatly, but if you are looking for the .NET/Java style "sit down and read a 600 page book" there really isn't anything like that. The visual nature of the system makes it tough to have a book/reference like that which has much value, you really need to see stuff live... you aren't going to be seeing pages of sample code for example. The F1 help is pretty good though.


Thanks Justin!

That makes sense.  Also I realized my link in my original post was mistakenly pointed to Amazon.com - please ignore that.  :)


Hello Brock,

Kudos for your interest in OutSystems and in the documentation!

I am curious, what was the original link that was the closest you could find but didn't satisfy your needs?

By the way, from the main OutSystems site you can also reach the documentation from the menu:

Paul, my original link was supposed to be pointed here:


As you can see on the left side menu, under the "Consumed REST API" section, to me it seems really unfortunate that the documentation page developer chose to sort simply by help page title.  Clearly, certain sections under the "Consumed REST API" section should be read before others.  I'm sure that whoever wrote the documentation wrote it in a logical order, but that is hidden behind the strange decision to sort the help sections alphabetically by title.  Even crazier, the parent directory under the "Reference" section is also simply sorted alphabetically!  

To me, this is a very poor "Learning User Experience" for new potential OutSystems developers.  Unfortunately, there are quite a few other training / documentation issues I ran into over the past few days trying to learn OutSystems quickly.

Personally, I am so blown away by the technical side of what OutSystems is capable of that I am willing to push through and learn even though I think the documentation and training format could be dramatically improved, but I am worried that a certain percentage of other potential developers will just give up.  Or at least more of developers will give up than if the documentation were improved.

I want to see OutSystems reach a tipping point to where the network effect of developers who know how to use it and the number of businesses, entrepreneurs, and product owners who are aware of it combine to dramatically accelerate adoption of this game-changing tool.  I think OutSystems or at least the "Low-Code Platform" space has the potential to radically disrupt the whole software development industry.  (Which would be kind of ironic since that industry is usually the one disrupting other industries!)

So I'm not just planning on complaining about the training / documentation quality.  I'm going to document my experience over the last few days as a new OutSystems learner, and post my ideas in the ideas part of the site for how I think this important part of the OutSystems experience could be dramatically improved.

Paulo Ribeiro wrote:

Hello Brock,

Kudos for your interest in OutSystems and in the documentation!

I am curious, what was the original link that was the closest you could find but didn't satisfy your needs?

By the way, from the main OutSystems site you can also reach the documentation from the menu:

Ah, I just found some additional resources that make me feel a lot better.

First - that there is much more organized and accessible documentation available for earlier versions of OutSystem: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/9767/documentation-technical-notes/  (Thanks Davide Marquês!)

Also, I read up on it and realized that OutSystems 10 was only very recently released, on October 4th.  So hopefully that means that updated documentation similar to the previous version's quality will be coming soon as well.  :)

Hello again Brock,

You are right, the documentation for OutSystems 10 is still very new and since we are building it from scratch (due to several technical reasons), it is still lagging behind what was available for the previous versions.

We have been investing mainly on topics that are new for OutSystems 10, such as mobile apps, but we are also actively working on ensuring that the documentation is complete and on improving the user experience.

That's why your feedback is very important to us - so please keep it coming!

Sounds great, and make sense.  Thanks Paulo!