Is there a way to create an autocomplete dropdown in a mobile app?

Or when using a searchbox to 'open' the dropdown with the possible items.

Thank you!


Hi Martin,

There is not yet an implementation of the AutoComplete widget (RichWidgets) for the mobile platform.

If possible you can try to create this one yourself and share it on the forge or wait for another developer and share this widget.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hi Outsystems and team,

Any updates on this? Are there any components similar to the web autocomplete widget for mobile in Silk, forge or elsewhere ?


Keya Madhukar 

Hi guys,

What you can do is using one normal input and when you start to write something you show a list that was hidden by default and then shows that list filtered by what you are typing in the input.

I hope that helps.


Miguel Vicente

Any updates on this question? Forge components for the mobile dropdown search?

Any updates about Mobile Autocomplete?

@Daryl and @Joel here you have a component 

In addition to Miguel his solution (which is working), you can change the value of the assign to an If statement. This to ensure that the results disappear when you backspace/remove the input.