Customized Export To Excel

Customized Export To Excel


Hi All,

I want to implement the functionality were I want dynamic selection of Attributes of the Entity for export to Excel.

First i want to select the fields I would like to export from the list page and on bases of the selected fields from the list page, I want to export an excel having data only for selected fields.

I tried For "Each loop" to make string of all selected column and then pass it to advance query for getting list of selected fields, but unfortunately that doesn't worked well for me.  

Any help will be appreciated !

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1) You will need an expand inline parameter to build the query

2) A structure (record) to save field names and another structure (list, query output) with field values

3) I think you will need to build an extension that receive those structures and generate excel file.

Check this component, probably will provide some functionalities you need

Hello Gaurav,

Yes it is possible..

Hey Gaurav,

Nice to see you in Forum , 

Just download Advance excel extension and open it in Visual studio using integration studio , i want you to do this just for getting an idea that how the extension has been written and how could you make change in it in order to customize it more.