I understund licensing for outsystems

I need help, I'm not  so good understand licensing for outsystem

Can I use free version in my company for small business  project,  or not?

Sorry, but this license is not very clear for me.

I need us outsytem free version for small project on local server,  but Pricing for commecial license is too much expensive for me and my company....

If I good think, I can us it only personal project, not commercial us?

Can you help me in this case?


Hi Wieslaw,

For small business projects I recommend that use the personal environment on the cloud: https://www.outsystems.com/home/GetStartedForFree.aspx

Hi João, thanks for your reply.

If I good understood I can run aplication from outsystem only on the Cloud? I can't deploy it and run on local server like opesuse, ubuntu, debian etc?

I need deploy my small project on local server, the cloud solutions is disallowed in my company.

Next problem, I must use free database like Postgresql or Mysql.

Maybe MENDIX will be better solution for this project? What you think?



If you need to go free, why not go for xampp then?


Hi Wieslaw,

Indeed, OutSystems Personal environment is free forever, but only on the cloud. With a paid subscription, you would be able to deploy on your own premises, like hundreds of other OutSystems customers.
OutSystems really provides value for money. When you have a project with real business impact and are ready to build the case for an OutSystems subscription, talk to our sales team.

Best of luck!



If you need to go free, why not go for xampp then?

@J. and what next?? XAMPP is only software for server. It have package like: PHP, Apache, MariaDB.

If I good thinking, Outsystem build aplication for Java, for Java solutions is Tomcat...

You give us different requirements, so it's hard to suggest a right solution.

In the end, I suggest to follow up João Santos and talk to the Sales Team of Outsystems.

Why do I feel like there is no direct answer here, it seems like its still a secret in respect to the small nusiness owner looking for more resources. I think outsystems is an amazing paas from a lowcode rad perspective, but if your looking for the open source or small business medium, it doesn't exist. If not, why don't we just say so? I think the answer a lot of users are looking for is that you cannot build a small business app here, the technology is far too expensive for the paid version for the smaller guy. It shouldn't be a secret, it is what it is, and if you want the tech that was invested into outsystems, it doesn't come at a small price. That's not a bad thing! It is what it is right?

In respect to most of the questions I've ran across browsing the forum is that the personal environment is for exactly that, something not at scale, you cannot outsource your resources or server, if you want to scale something you're truly in for the investment of the enterprise edition.

I think what I've been most confused about that Im finally starting to realize is that the open source platform is truly just a re-branded cloud but still with limitations when it relates to the resources that are still part of the proprietary technology outsystem developed. 

To further describe my tone in case it came out wrong, Im being totally non-bias. I understand both perspectives from a business perspective being outsystems and also from a consumer standpoint i think it needs clarification if Im being totally frank.



Due to some serious help from the team and hyper focused action from Mr. Araújo, we would like to say thank you! We appreciate all the help the team has refocused on us and we don’t take it lightly, we appreciate it. We’re sorry it went that way, whether it was our misunderstanding, or simple confusion on my interpreting the support system.

We would like to make sure no one discounts your company or system in any way. I’d like to keep the forum post for learning purposes.

Thank you OutSystems team for helping, and having our back even when we doubted you.


You lost me on the third paragraph. What do you mean with "the open source platform"?

so outsystems does not have any good options other than (A.) the free version or (B.) $30K/yr minimum just to sit at the table?