We're always looking for ways to increase the speed of our application, and one possible way we've found could help is to use the Web Garden (Multiple worker processes) in IIS.

Currently we only run 1 worker process, mainly for debugging purposes, but this usually fairly rare.

What are the drawbacks in using Web Garden with IIS7 & the .NET installation of OutSystems?
Is there any reason we SHOULDN'T use it?

The only thing I could find about the topic in the forums was from many years ago about "Static Variables" not sticking.... Were these renamed to local variables? Not sure exactly what they're referring to...

Is anyone else using the web garden functionality successfully without problems?



Hello Braxton,

There are in fact some issues running in a Web Garden configuration, since the platform stores information at the worker process level. 

What we recommend in this scenario is that you segregate your applications in separate Application Pools. Each application pool will be served by a different worker process, so you get your performance boost from there.

Would that work for you?