How to simulate an ISO 8859-1 string to test an UTF-8 SOAP Webservice?

Here is the situation:

The application gets data from an ISO 8859-1 (character set) DB and puts it into an object that is sent over an UTF-8 SOAP WebService, then the error "Invalid null character in text to output" (see the attached occurs and is logged into the 'Error Log', and the operation is aborted.

I'm pretty sure they're facing an encoding problem.

But, as I don't have an ISO DB (my dev's environment is UTF-8), I can't reproduce the issue to get the proper fix.

So I wanted to create a piece of String with some ISO 8859-1 character and send it through the interface. How could I accomplish that?

Hi Joao,

You can create an extension that does the following for all strings:

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga