Inaccessibility of OutSystems web application due to HTTPS issue

Hi everyone,

Our development team is having an issue with accessing our Development environment web application. Previously we used HTTP to connect to our web application but after migrating and 1-click publishing a solution from a different environment we could not access our web app anymore. We get the "This site cannot be reached" error page when trying to access the web app via a browser. However, we did migrate a solution from the different environment the week before and we could still normally access the web app. 

To troubleshoot this we used Remote Desktop to connect to the web app's front end server and changed the HTTP protocol to HTTPS using IIS Manager. Our server is IIS. We also created a HTTPS certificate and found out that we are only able to access the web app using the server's localhost URL ( If we use the web app's public IP via the remote desktop connection or a different server / client we receive the same error page mentioned before.

We also checked if this could be a firewall issue. Our firewall is installed on our IIS server and port 443 is open. Our domain doesn't have a firewall because it's not accessible from beyond its network. 

What could be the issue?

Hi Lloyd,

When you changed from HTTP to HTTPS, did you maybe change the Internal Access Only to Yes?

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hi Remco,

Thank you for your reply. 

We checked this setting and realized our Internal Access is set to No. We did check, however, that our application's main entry point is accessible using the HTTP header. Using HTTPS will still provide the "This site can't be reached" error page. 

Dear Llyod,

Are you using DNS or IP to access the application?

Best Regards,

Mário Pereira

Dear Mário,

Yes we are using a specific IP to access the app. Our Service Center application works fine ( [ Application IP ]/servicecenter), but accessing the application itself still provides the "This site can't be reached" error page.

Dear Lloyd,

Can you create a new app on the same server where that app is hosted and try to access it?

Are you able to telnet port 80 from other client/server?

Example: telnet publicipoftheserver 80

Best Regards,

Mário Pereira