Calculating a bit like Excel doo

Hi there

I have pass more then 500 hours ( on buiding a excel file that calculate the teacher effect regarding on the results of the student that the teacher put in. Now i am ready to deploy it on a web app and since i know htlm, css and vba, well, i'm preaty there for now.

I need to know if, with outsystems, ill be able to make some advance caclulation, like the average of only the girls, or only the weaker of the classroom for example. 

The second question, is can i export my work done with outsystem to my own server, so the teacher file can be on my computer rather that your cloud?

Thank in advance. 


Yes you can in multiple different ways.

Because your data will be stored in a SQL database, the easiest and probably most performant way to do that is to use SQL to have that kind of calculation done when querying the database. Ex: select avg(grade) from student where genre = female. This is only an example. If you don't know SQL, this wont help you much but we can help you with more complete examples.

Another way to do calculations is to implement the calculation in code. OutSystems visual code, C# or even Java.

You can export your data by writing code that reads from the database and exports the data to a file or integrating with any other service. There are a few integrations that come "out-of-the-box" like exporting to an excel file but it's pretty easy to code your own integrations too. Checkout the OutSystems documentation for some simple examples on how you could accomplish this.

Your answer is super clear! Thank!

Can i develop a app for mobile and still have something on the Web, accessible via a browser? Like the teacher enter the results on her phone, but still shoot it in the classroom via a computer?


Sure! You can have a mobile app and a web app on the same environment sharing the same database. You do that but creating references between the applications.