I have a mobile app where I left the multitenant setting to No.  After spending weeks developing the app, I realized it was set incorrectly, so changed it to Yes.

No, whenever I try to access the local storage (just using an aggregate to a local storage entity), I receive a "Interior Hyphen" error and no data is returned.  Changing the app back to Multitenant = No solves the problem.

Is there some issue with retrofitting an existing app to Multitenant?


Hi Mike,

Setting an eSpace to Multitenant should have no effect on Local Storage Entities, but apparently we have a bug there. I'll make sure it is added to our backlog.

In the meanwhile, you will have to set Multitenant = No for the eSpace to work around it, but you can set each individual Database Entity to be Multitenant by going to its Advanced properties (double-click the entity, or click the "More..." property).


Paulo Ferreira


Thank you Paulo.  Currently all my entities are set to multi-tenant, so behavior is as it should be.  Thank you again!

I'm still getting this error when querying a local entity that IS NOT linked to an entity from the database. Hope this gets fixed soon.