Click object inside list item (mobile)


I have a Trash icon, with Onclick Client Action.

And a list item, with Onclick Client Action.

I want to stop/prevent the client action from the List item when clicking Trash.

I have tried a lot of ideas, event.stopPropagation(), and event.stopImmediatePropagation(), and etc....

Can´t make it work. Any help?



Hi Luan,

I suggest that you replace the trash icon with the list item actions (available on swipe left or right).

In case you want to stick with your original approach, I recommend that you place a container (which will receive the click) around the text filling all the area to the left of the trash. This way you won't have overlapping widgets with click behavior, which is the problem here.


Wow, so simple. hahaha thanks! Worked perfectly!