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Published on 2015-12-30 by RUG
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Published on 2015-12-30 by RUG


If i understand correctly, u have to make a photo of your ID card and it will recognize information on your ID.

Are we also able to use this component on P10 with native apps? 

And my second question : is there a way we can make this work with an ID card reader instead of photo recognition? (for web apps for example)

I didn't find a way yet to read ID cards yet with card readers


Hi Niels,

Merry Christmas!!!

The way this component works is that is reads the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) according to ISO/IEC 7501 standard, in the cards. So it does not take a picture per si, but instead does it live, and in case of success returns the information read.

You have a ready to use plugin for OutSystems 10 in the forge.

Hope this helps you out,