Good day, OutSystems Community! 

May I ask if the logic applied in Preparation may affect the server and can crash? Or if there is an accidental infinite loop in a Preparation, it may lead to a server crash?

I can't open our enterprise environment and that's why I can't open Service Center to see the errors. This error happened after I made a loop in Preparation.

Advance thank you for all the answers!

Hi Louise,

A preperation is a normal screen action, except that it runs before the screen is rendered. Note that the server doesn't typically "crash" as a result of faulty program logic, but in case of an infinite loop, it may run a long time, until some time-out occurs.

May I ask why you can't access Service Center?

Hi Kilian,

I'm not sure why I can't access Service Center for about two hours. But I can access it now which is weird. I checked the error logs and I had the error "GC overhead limit exceeded", which causes the long loading time. It's from my faulty logic (hehe), but I'm not sure if this error was the root of all my server problems.

 After that error, this error appeared "Environment Fault: Unable to contact OutSystems Deployment Controller Service. Please make sure this service is running on '' to obtain licensing information". I'm not sure where that error came from. But I think this error is the reason why I can't open my environment and Service Center.

But anyway, everything is fine now. I'm just baffled that my faulty logic caused this. 

Thanks for the concern! :)

Well, you probably kept the server very busy :). Great to hear it works again. In case you have access to your development server, an iis reset will help in these cases :).