Go to Previous Screen P10 Mobile

I've an action in my application that simply redirects to the previous screen, but when I hit the button to go back the application goes two screens back. What can I do to go back just one screen?

Hi Ana,

Can you elaborate a bit more as to how your action redirects to the previous screen? Did you simply use a "Destination" element?

Also, isn't the previous screen's preparation perhaps also redirecting to a different screen?

Hi Aurelio,
Thanks for your reply.
I am doing a mobile application, it doesn't require preparation.Yes, I simply use the destination element. I have a client action that links the start to a destination in this case to the previous screen.

Hi Ana,

Sorry, I missed the "P10 Mobile" mention in your title.

That's a very strange behavior. Do you think you could share your OML so I can take a look?