automated test tool (Fitnesse) returns label value from Static Entity...

When running a automated test tool (Fitnesse) that uses a browser (Chrome) on the client to do the testing.

The test script queries a SilkUI ButtonGroup to return the value of the active button.

Because I don't know the actual logic behind that code we looked at the results.

What the tool normally returns is the value of the label that's connected to the input field (in this case type radio button).

The value that was returned was not the value of the label and I wasn't possible to search that value in the whole Google Inspection tool... in the DOM (or Sourcecode... the same i think)..

After searching for the returned value it seems to be the value of the label field of the Static Entity (that was assigned as value for that field). In the code it was displayed as integer value as I would expect.

Does anyone knows if there is some JavaScript or whatever active that replaces values after rendering or does someone recognizes this behavior?

Hi Peter,

Are you testing a mobile app or a web app?