[DialogsPlugin] Supported for use in desktop chrome browser?

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Published on 2016-10-01 by Miguel Domingues
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Published on 2016-10-01 by Miguel Domingues

Why doesn't the Cordova Dialogs plugin work in the desktop browser?

According to the documentation, the following platforms are supported:

  • Amazon Fire OS
  • Android
  • BlackBerry 10
  • Browser
  • Firefox OS
  • iOS
  • Tizen
  • Windows Phone 7 and 8
  • Windows 8
  • Windows

It works perfectly fine when used with Outsystems Now...



Plugins will only work on a native generated app since they are not loaded on the browser emulator

Depending on the plugin you might be able to test it using OutSystems Now (if it is on this list and also the Dialogs that is not in the list at the moment but also packed in OutSystems Now).

Miguel Domingues


Is there a change on this plugin? It doesn't seem to work anymore on my mobile device. The CheckDialogPlugin.IsAvailable is always returning a False even though I'm running a mobile native app.

Please advise.

Hi Rom,

I've just tested this and it is working (at least on Android).

After including the plugin, have you generated the new native app and installed it on the device?
Remember that adding plugins is one of the scenarios that require installing a new generated native app.


Thanks, Miguel. It works after I re-generated the app.