Newbie looking to do simple registration in app

Hi All,

I'm new to Outsource and new to creating mobile apps in general, coming from more of a web design background.

I'm going through the tutorial, but I was hoping that a someone with more experience could give me a bit of guidance.

I'm looking to create a basic, skeleton version of an app in stages. The first stage simply involves welcoming a user and having them go through a simple registration process, where they can either use Facebook or register directly through the app.

At the end of the registration process, I'd like the app to display a profile page, showing all the data the user just entered. I can create an SQL or Cloudant database for the backend, or another data system if you recommend.

I'll follow any instructions offered to the letter! I appreciate your help.


You need to check the tutorial again, because you don't need to create a database in OutSystems.

Just follow the steps in the tutorial to do a basic app and then think about your app. The facebook registration is already done.

Hi Collwyn,

    if you want more details, try this free course.