Is possible excel import with dynamic columns?

Hi All,

i have multiple excel files, each of them have different set of columns, like one have 7 columns, and other one have 15 columns, like i have 1000 excel files, now i need to import all to DB. (in runtime, because import 1000 files in design time not easy)

As i know that outsystems not supporting importing column from excel to structure, without matching number of columns, 

Is anyother way to implement in outsystems?

Any help will be more useful.




It's not really necessary to match the number of columns between the Excel file and your scructure/entity. What is required is at least one matching name between the columns and your entity attributes. The platform will then try to map the values in the Excel file to the other attributes.

You should be careful when doing this though, because it may result in mappings that could be considered incorrect. For instante, if your Excel file has the columns Id, Name and Address, and you try to import it into an entity with the attributes Id, Description and Comments, the platform will import the value of Name into Description, and the value of Address into Comments.

The best approach here might be to create an entity/structure with all the possible columns that might exist in your Excel files.

Hi Aurelio,

You are true , in order to that first create a structure may be a super set of all the columns and then at the time of uploading keep a intermediate screen from where you can map excel column with the entity attribute , keep this mapping and insert the data in corresponding columns . You can try creating an advance query with multiple insert at once if there are so many data in the excel file.