"on button click in first tab open second tab on same page."

Hello i am uisng outsystem tab, for two tabs. In first tab i have some form fileds and on click of submit button i want to open second tab. how should i do this. also i dont want to refresh my page.just want to change it from tab1 to tab2. plz help. thank you.

You need to keep tab1 active and default and on click on your button you have to change the active tab to tab2 and refresh the page.



Hi Bharat,

If you can ajax refresh the tabs block, you could create a local variable of type Tabs Identifier, and have that variable passed into the Tabs web block ActiveTab input parameter. From there, in the click event, change the value of the local to Tab2 and refresh the tabs block.

Otherwise I would just use Jquery: $(Selector of whatever tab).click();

Just as a side note, I don't know the use case, but this sounds like a good use case for the wizard pattern instead of tabs, but of course I am saying that blindly, just as in case you hadn't checked it out yet.

Let me know if you have any issues,


Thanks for the reply. I will implement this one.