Excessive Time To First Byte response time

Hi All,

We have noticed that most of our pages seem to have an excessive TTFB response time.

The industry average TTFB rating are:

  • Less than 100 milliseconds is superb
  • 200 milliseconds is ideal
  • 500 milliseconds is not ideal
  • 1 second is bad
  • 2 seconds or more is very bad

Our webpages have a TTFB ranging from 2 to 5 seconds. As you can appreciate, waiting up to 5 seconds for a page to load every time can become a very frustrating for the user.

Is this something that needs to be addressed in Outsystems, or our web server?



HI Robbi,

We also observer the same problem but in our case it was 6-8 second , one thing that we observer that this also depends upon the preparation logic you write .

We change the way we are pulling data in doing operation in preparation and reduce the time, the other thing we realize that its not always the preparation time but Outsystems does some call internally and some time they those call takes more than expected time and we do not have any control over them.



tough to see what is going on.

normally I create an empty page and see what the TTFB is.

this is my raw "benchmark". This means what Outsystems does with my logic and means roughly only latency.

then I start working upwards with increased logic.

and yes, many aggregates in the prpearation will not help.

There may be a number of reasons why this is happening. Lots of queries/logic in the preparation, too much information on the viewstate (target a 5KB max viewstate size), integrations with external databases/systems/Web Services, so this needs to be evaluated to understand the source of the problem. I would look first at viewstate size, and then at the preparation, plus functions used on the screen that might impact the performance as well.

Have you looked at https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Performance_Best_Practices

One final question, which version are you using, and if it's 10, is this a Mobile or Web App?

Has anyone experienced this slowness? I understand a good average is around 200ms and finding it varies depending on the page.

joseph gannon wrote:

Has anyone experienced this slowness? I understand a good average is around 200ms and finding it varies depending on the page.

what do you mean?

yes its an average, thus it depends on the page.

what does the page do in preparation etc.

you could have network issues

you could have just deployed stuff...

I experience this quite a bit. The TTFB is really bad especially after a bit of time. I can't figure out if that's an OS thing or an IIS thing. Did anyone solve this yet?

I also tried installing this but it doesn't seem to help with idle sites...