P10 and Windows Server 2016

Hi all,

Windows Server 2016 is out there and I'm wondering, does anyone tried to run P10 on Windows 2016?

Was it successful?

I know that OutSystems does not support it yet. Is there a date for OutSystems to support it?

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Hi Hélder,

We are currently in the process of certification and validation of Windows Server 2016, to ensure that the platform works smoothly on top of it.

We do not have an exact date that we can provide you, but we expect to have it ready by the end of Q1/2017. This is our planned date, but it is subject to change if needed.


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Thanks Ricardo!

That helps for our planning.

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Hi folks,

Is there an update to Ricardo Marques' response?

Can you anticipate what would be expected if a P10 install was attempted on Windows Server 2016?  

Would OutSystems support be able to help in case anything went wrong?

Thank you,

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Hi Luis,

Certification is ongoing. While we do not expect any problems, we can't say that the version is supported (or that OutSystems support will be able to help you) until the certification is over, which as I said earlier, should not happen before the end of Q1/2017. 

Is this an acceptable timeframe for you? Do you have a very strong requirement to do this installation before we finish its certification?

Thank you and regards,

Ricardo Marques

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Hi Luis,

As per the Support Terms, OutSystems Support has no obligation to help on deployments that do not follow the System Requirements. So, anyone installing OutSystems on Windows Server 2016 is in practice giving up its right to support to that system. 

We are working on the support to Windows Server 2016, but you have to be a bit more patient.


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Hi Joao

thank you for your updates on this thread question:
do you have Any update on Outsystems 10 support for windows server 2016 ?

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Hi David,

System Requirements are your best friend for this type of info. Windows Server 2016 is supported for quite a long time now, 3-year old threads like this one are usually outdated.

You definitively should be upgrading to WS 2016 now and then immediately after to OutSystems 11.