Hi guys,

I've been working on an mobile application for a few days and I used some database as a list. I tried to make a search filter in order to search a specific item of my list by writing it's name as an input but i can't find a way to achieve this...

Any Idea? (my question is similar to one of the movie app tutorial  extra exercise)



Hi Louis,

In order to do that you're gonna have to filter the aggregate that fetches the data from the database. Open your aggregate and add a new filter, with an expression similar to this:

Movie.Title like "%" + SearchKeyword + "%"

Where "Movie.Title" are the entity and attribute by which you want to filter, and "SearchKeyword" is the variable your filter input is bound to.

I suppose you have something like a "Search" button in your app to actually perform the search. So, in that button's action, you have to use a "Refresh Data" element to run your aggregate again.

If you need any additional help, let me know.


Thanks Aurelio, it works.

The problem was that i hadn't implemented the action with a "refresh data".  Oops

However do you think it is possible to add an alphabetical scroll bar next to my list?

Thank you for your answers