Can't find Service Studio executable file after installation

Hey everyone. I'm in bit of a hurry, since I have some work to do until 23rd January.

After the instalattion of the most recent version of Personal Environment, I can't find the Service Studio executable (altough I can find the Integration Studio), and I can't understant why.

I've tried installing the 9.xxxx version, and it's all OK, but I can't open my Personal Environment, since it has a different version.

Anyone know anything about this, or how I can solve it?

Apreciatte it very much!

PS: In the picture attached, I am showing the 10.xxxx version files vs the 9.xxxx files from the Service Studio folder. As you can see, no exe. file on the 10.xxxx version.

Hey Nuno,

Could it be possible that your Anti-Virus is not liking the platform files and quarantining them?