[ShoutSystems] Android: Keyboard is overwriting the input text box

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Published on 2017-05-10 by Labs
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Published on 2017-05-10 by Labs


In tests with Android the keyboard is overwriting the input text box and messages don´t have automatic scrolling.

When we click on text input box, the input needs to rise along with the keyboard.

Any ideas on how to correct these issues ?

Thank you !

Hi Louis,

The text input issue could be theme related, we'll check it when possible, but you should be able to solve it with simple css.

Can you detail the messages scroll issue? It doesn't work when you send, receive or both? If you could enumerate the use cases where it failed it would be great. Also, are you using the Latest Stable version?



I have solved this problem with a blank container with a height of 600px at the bottom of the screen. 

Create a local variable for the container's visible field to control when it will be shown and with a boolean data type. Also, create an action to control the state of the local variable. Furthermore, in the input field, set on the onclick event to pass true to the action and onblur event you should pass false. 

So, the result of this should be when clicking on the input field, the blank space will show and when you leave the field, the blank space will be hidden. By doing that you get more space for the screen and the keyboard can be adjusted properly.

If it doesn't work for you, try to change the value of the height of the container. I hope it helps you!