Script error resulting in "There was an error processing your request"


My users are receiving an error "There was an error processing your request" randomly every now and then. How do I resolve this? The error is actually a major impediment in the launch of the app; many of my users are uninstalling on the same day that they install the app and I suspect it is due to the error. The error is the only thing which is standing between us and a full launch and any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is the screenshot of the error and the error details. 

Hi Louie,

Does that error also happen in the browser or only in the devices? Can you check the stack trace of the error?

I checked your app (through the Url in the logs you provided) and there's a "AdMob" component. Can you try disable that and see if the error persists?

Hi Joao,

I have disabled the component but the error persists.

Are you able to reproduce the problem in the browser?

If not, can you try debug the app in the device using chrome developer tools and check if you can get more details?