How do i create a multi-select list with CheckBox?

I have a list of "x" entity records, I need select some of them and  save the selected records in my DB, please help.

Could you please help me step by step I'm new in Outsystems. Thanks! 

You can use the silk select2 widget, the chosen or the multiple-select, maybe one of them do what you need.



If you are starting in OutSystems, the best would be get the lessons on the courses OutSystems provide online. On them you will find the answer to this.

In any case, probably what you want is just to drag the entity to flow, to create automatically a list screen, add a new source to the aggregate (boolean), add a new column to the table records in the web screen, add a check box to the data line, bounded to the boolean value you added in the aggregate, optionally add a richwidget multiplexer to select all, and add a button to the web screen (or action), so you can call an action, iterate the table records list, check the rows are selected and do whatever you need to do to them. :)


For the functionality Jauch is right, then if you want to change the aspect maybe you can use some of the components mentioned above.