What are the best methods to import/re-create a theme in OutSystems from HTML components and CSS stylesheets that I have in a web app kit or template.

As an example, I would like to re-create this bootstrap based theme and it's components in OutSystems to use and modify where necessary:

Uplon - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Web App Kit

Would it be a better idea to build/update this based on the Bootstrap forge component that already exists? And if so, what are the recommended practices for doing this from scratch? Do I need to manually copy and paste css files and components I have to the Resources folder in OutSystems or create stylesheets manually?

Any advice on creating a theme, based on existing HTML, CSS, JavaScript components I have already would be much appreciated.


Hi Kyler,

Take a look into this video about CSS Best Practices with OutSystems

In the following webinar, explains how custom CSS should be placed in SilkUI templates


Hope it helps you!



It's not just adding some CSS. It's an entire CSS/js framework implementation which is not that easy to implement, since Bootstrap is not using the same grid type (for responsiveness behavior) and other things..


I'm also tryng to implement the latest bootstrap framework in Outsystems, it's pretty much a pain in the ass..
If you are willing to work together to make the latest version work in Outsystems, message me.
I also would like to use/create bootstrap themes in Outsystems, since it offers a big boost in design quality of applications.

PM me!

Hi Niels,

Were you able to add the Bootstrap framework into OutSystems? We're facing with the same challenge so obviously I am curious if you managed to get it working.