Outsystems Platform (.NET + MySQL) - Does outsystems mobile work?

Has outsystems mobile been tested to work on outsystems platform .net + mysql server?

Are there any special requirements to get outsystems mobile to work? (must use https?)


Hello Robert,

For OutSystems 10, we support MySQL 5.6 (5.6.5 or later within the 5.6 version) with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1. You can check the list of supported configurations here.

For Mobile to work, you do need HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate (one of the requirements on the same page).



Rodrigo, thanks

Any news when outsystems platform will be certified for 5.7.x?

Hi Robert,

Currently, there isn't a release date for OutSystems support for MySQL 5.7. However, it should occur before MySQL 5.6's premier support end (Feb 2018).