Outsystems 8 free account.

The New company I will be working for uses Outsystems 8. Now, I want to practice coding in Outsystems 8 again. How can I make use of my account to code in Outsystems 8?

Not sure if you can.

and tbh, outsystems 8 is only less "powerful" than 10, so if you are capable in 10 you can work in 8.

with less powerful I mean, less nifty gadgets to use, but the work-load is the same.

Rejoice the simple query though!

Hello Lawrence,

J. is right. You can no longer use OutSystem Platform 8 in a personal cloud environment but practicing on 10 will be useful for you. Not that much has changed in terms of coding practices and patterns. So when the company moves on to 10, you'll also already know about some new features that you'll find only in 10.