Using Enterprise You Still Have Such Small Limits

Please see attached screen shot of my extention limits. This is mind boggling to me that $25,000 enterprise suite would limit you to such small resources.

We have 0 users, and use almost no resources with outsystems.

This is definitely becoming a deal breaker to deal with all of these issues considering were in line to pay $25000 for so many roadblocks and restrictions.

I've asked several times for someone to help with barcode scanner cordova plugin to be imported for us and was advised to ask the question in detail with one outcome to get the outcome desired. 

1. Success team? Would you mind making the module manatee Barcode scanner? This is the third time I am requesting this assistance. 

2. Would you please help us plugin our license to blinkid Microblink License to the module created , it doesnt work in your cardscanner sample app and doesnt work when we utilize it.

This is deeply appreciated and are at the point where we may not be able to continue having so many issues and such little help.



Due to some serious help from the OutSystems community and team, we would like to say thank you! We appreciate all the help the team has refocused on us and we don’t take it lightly, we appreciate it. We’re sorry it went that way, whether it was our misunderstanding, or simple confusion on my interpreting the support system.

Thank you OutSystems team for helping, and having our back even when we doubted you.


Hi there,

You can check out this article on application objects, to get a better idea:

Otherwise, if AO's are trackable like SU's, you should be able to see a break down of where the majority of your AO's are coming from in Service Center under Administration > Licensing, but I am not positive as I am on SU's.



Hey Brian, 

Seems this is additional post that relates to your original one here:

Which is also where Pedro Gonçalves wrote:

Have you taken a look at the OutSystems Learn Channel, Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps course? There's a specific video and exercise on Mobile Cordova Plugins that can get you started.

Other than this, you might also want to check the OutSystems Forge plugins: Barcode Plugin for Cordova based on ZBar library and ZXing Services, although this one is a server-side API, not client.

Also, my colleague Mário Araújo assisted you via email. To Summarize Mario's answer:

Sorry to see you struggling with the bar scanning plugin. Did you read Pedro's answer? He posted the day after your question. He referred to this video which outlines the process for you at minute 9:22. It seems to answer your question, does it not? 

Would you mind giving it a go and let Pedro know? There's also this document which outlines the process. When Pedro posted and we didn't hear back from you we both assumed that you were able to sort it out with these instructions. 

We have not heard back from you in either of those channels, we wanted to follow up to make sure you received your answers and support. Please feel free to add to the conversation on the forum here, or in your original post if you need further assistance or clarification.




Thanks Justin, much appreciated. Alexandria, thank you as well.