P10 Mobile, Redirect Among Modules Performance

For the sake of development and loosely coupled modules we are separating 1 developer build 1 module / functionality.

For example dashboard is 1 module with links to some other modules using redirect url.

The thing is performance issue. Each time moving to another module it is loading some time (just like a splash screen loading resources). I have disabled splash screen to none. Still there are times taken to move forward to another module.

This is not acceptable for the sake of User Experience (UX mobile)....How to solve this? Any tips and tricks?


When you use the external url, the current module context is destroyed and the new module is loaded from scratch. It's like when you visit another site on the browser.

Currently the only way to solve that is to split screens content among public web-blocks that live on separated modules. Then assemble all the blocks in one module.


That's the only solution? So I must convert screen to block?

Web block has different behaviors so we ended up all developers working on the same module. Doind compare and merge all the time each time publishing the module.