[Cropit] Maximum Zoom and Image Rotation

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Published on 2018-11-01 by Pedro Coelho
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Published on 2018-11-01 by Pedro Coelho
  1. I would like to be able set be at maximum zoom by default
  2. On mobile app image captures the image is auto-rotated to the left or right 90 degree depending on device. I do not want the image to rotate

Hi Steve.

First of all, sorry for the late reply on this.

The image rotation issue, on mobile photos, is due to the EXIF flags that aren't readable by default by the browser. We're planning a fix for this using the Exif-js library. Here's the link in case you want to implement your own solution in the meanwhile: https://github.com/exif-js/exif-js

As for the zoom, we've released today a new version adding a new option for the CropitBuilder attribute initialZoom. On initialZoom attribute set the string 'max', and the image will be loaded directly with the zoom set on the attribute maxZoom. The minZoom attribute doesn't accept numeric values, only the options: 'fill' and 'fit' (read the attribute description for further explanation on these options).

Currently we don't allow a way to disable the zoom by the user, we'll also introduce this on the next version. Again, feel free to modify the component to fit your needs in the meanwhile.

Thanks for your feedback :)


My mobile app is developed using out systems 10.0.302.0, I tested using Samsung S7 edge and I noticed that once we upload the image from gallery, the image is rotated, it is not the same as we see in the gallery.

Is this the same issue ? Is there any fix for this ?



Yes, it's the same issue.

We're planning a fix for this using the Exif-js library mentioned above.