SSRS in Service Studio 10 [custom authentication]

SSRS in Service Studio 10 [custom authentication]



I am attempting to integrate with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) on SQL Server 2014.

Our SSRS server has a custom authentication module installed, (not windows integrated, and not sharepoint).

I searched the forums and founds some SSRS demo apps, but they seem to be in a much earlier version and the "SalesReportingDemo.osp" cannot be opened inside service studio.

Has anyone integrated SSRS with a custom authentication module?

Does anyone have an up to date example they can share?

Many thanks,

Hi Alan

I am not aware of how the integration with SSRS is done. Is it direct access to the database? SOAP/REST web services?


The integration with SSRS is done through a SOAP web service with web methods.

SSRS allows for a custom authentication module to be used which replaces the built-in windows authentication. I am using "custom authentication".

This custom authentication module is written to implement the IAuthenticationExtension interface.
I have previously written a ReportServerProxy class which allows a standard webforms application to use SSRS. First the LOGON soap method is called, and then the authorization cookie is grabbed from the response. The Proxy class then re-injects that cookie into each subsequent request to the webservice.

Q. How can I examine the response to Logon inside outsystems to save this cookie?

Q. How can I then inject that cookie into all further requests?

I have done this in webforms, but I'm not sure where to start in OutSystems.