How to get Attribute value by AttributeName.

I wanna get Attribute value by AttributeName.

Is there any Entities that have Attribute value ?


I found Entity of "Entity" and "Entity_Attr" in System Objects.

I can get "AttributeName" in Entity of "Entity_Attr"  by Entity_Id.

But I can't get Attribute values by "Attribute Name" in Entity of "Entity_Attr" .

Any solution ?


Hi Santoshi,

Entity_Attr keeps the meta data information of an entity (like attribute name , type etc) it doesn't hold value for the attributes.

Also what exactly you want from the attribute value as these attributes are the columns of an entity and you can get their values in corresponding entity.




Hi PJ.

Cheers !

I'll try to create extention module that gets Attribute Value by Attribute Name in C#.