Changing the theme main color


I was wondering if there is an easy way to change the theme main colour (the one generated when we choose the app icon) since, after the app creation, that colour is used practically everywhere. 


a simple search and replace?

only left is the app-icon itself..

Well obviously there is that way, I just thought that since it's widely used why not store in some variable and use that variable when the colour is needed? 

I opened the theme CSS stylesheet and did a change-all on the primary color.

1. Go to Interface view

2. Expand Themes

3. Double-click the node under Themes named after your app (which should be the theme in use).

4. Select-all, then paste into something like Notepad++

5. Change-all the primary color

6. Paste back into the Theme Style Sheet dialog and click OK.

Worked for me.