Hello people

First, I had a problem passing the first parameter to the pop_up, which ignored my variable content and always took the default value. One good answer from the community, which partially solved the problem were this one:

Justin Babel:

You need to ajax refresh the link and popup_editor each time you update the value you are passing as the input parameter.

So every time the dropdown changes, you should ajax the link to update it to have the correct value.

Let me know if you have any issues,


That worked like a charm. Now, I'm trying to pass a second variable to the pop_up window, and the problem is back again. It doesn't take the value. Just the default value is passed and now I am ajax refreshing the link and the popup_editor each time I update both values that I want to pass, yet, only one of them is passed with the actual value. Is this a bug or i'm missing something??

Thank you!!

Answered here: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/21757/problem-trying-to-pass-a-parameter-to-a-pop-up-window/

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