Help getting started with a simple technical app


Brand new at this, and scratching my head a bit at where to start.  I have not see any tutorial or overview of how to build an app that takes a page of user entered input parameters, performs some (relatively) simple math on it , and returns an answer

I've previoulsy created a Cordova type app with html and javascript - and note from some of the resources that this new framework apparently supports javascript, java, .Net etc modules, so am hoping I can reuse some of the algorithms already created with minimal rework.

Can anyone provide some pointers / code / references to examples to help me get started?

Thanking you in advance


Hello Mark,

Here's a small example of a page that takes 2 inputs and adds them together. Does it help?

To learn how to reuse your code, check the javascript integration documentation page or the .net and java integration documentation page.

Best of luck!


Thanks Rodrigo - that helps