[Google Maps Library] Release note for version 1.2 ?

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Published on 26 Feb by Labs
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Published on 26 Feb by Labs


Is there any list of changes to version 1.2 so I can see whether I have to upgrade or will continue to use previous version with some bug fixed on my side? It would be great to see such a list especially if upgrade can brake current app.

Thank you.

I am also waiting for changes related to ZOOM level. Is something fixed related to it?



Hi Mykola,

The changes are in the version 1.2 release notes. What type of information do you require or need to know?



Hi Pramod,

Can you tell me what do you require related to the zoom level?



Hi Hugo,

Release note on version information has general information regarding bug fixes. For example there was a bug with custom images on markers that I've fixed for our app (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/20685/complex-custom-marker-parameters-proper-json-format/) and it seems to be fixed as update didn't brake that but it would be nice to know it and not discover by testing - imaging we had several bug fixed on our side than it would require much longer to test it out or   ignore all next updates. List of fixes like on Service Studio release notes (https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Release_Notes/Development_Environment_10.0.405.0) is very helpful as I can see for exact bug or misbehaviour that can affect my current workflow and if it is fixed I've update immediately otherwise I can do it later.

Thank you for understanding.

Disclaimer: This version has Breaking Changes. Installing it can break new/running applications.

  • Version update
  • Renamed some inputs
  • New input parameter MaxAutoZoom
  • General bug fixing and improvements