Confused Learning ToDo App - Offline Module Screen / Aggregate Wont Update When Expec


I just completed the guide Local Storage Exercise.pdf, Part 4. Part 5 involves publishing and testing. It all works except that the list of the todos on the todos screen does not update after a remote server data refresh. The data refresh itself works because if (after remote-refreshing) I open a new todo and THEN go back to the todos screen to list then all of them are shown. The issue seems to be limited to specifically the following:

DataManagement Screen > ClearLocalStorageOnClick

ToDos Screen - Check todo screen is empty.. it is.

DataManagement Screen > ClearLocalStorageOnClick

ToDos Screen - Should now be full of test todo items. It is still empty. <- surely this is wrong?

ToDoDetail > fill in details and save a new todo item

ToDos Screen - Should be full and it is, including the new one.

I guess I got something wrong. But I presumed that the screen should be getting refreshed by the built-in functions called. I.e. the ones created when you create a local storage entity, specifically: 


I presume there is somethin in there which causes the agregate used on the todos screen to  get updated. I thought this must be what happens when the ClearLocalStorageOnClick is called and hence the auto-generated:


This one works, the createorupdate version however does the updating but doesn't cause the agregate to update (if that is indeed how it works).

Sorry to be a pain and I know its a learning exercise and I should be able to work this out if I was understanding it all, clearly I'm not quite clear on something and so not spotting my error! Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me and of course I will keep going back over my work to try to find the issue myself / better understands how it works and hence debug the issue myself.


^Edit, so sorry, error in the walk through of the error.
ClearLocalStorageOnClick is called first and the todos list checked, but then I call
SyncToLocalStorageOnClick and then the todos list checked. (and it is unexpectedly empty)

Apologies for any confusion.

Oh and I did try to edit the post but it says 'this feature is not available at the moment' or something like it.

Okay, I definitely just messed it up somewhere. I loaded the 'quickstart' file and that works perfectly (corrects unexpected behavior above. Unfortunately the quickstart app and my one had the same name so not possible to have both installed and compare side-by-side and figure out what I messed up. But life is too short, would have been interesting to know what I got wrong, but maybe not worth the effort!

Thanks anyway anyone who read my confused description of confusion!