Hi All,

I would like to invoke the onchange client action that attached to my input box using a third party component ( mobiscroll numpad ) https://docs.mobiscroll.com/3-0-1/jquery/numpad#methods. However, doing this is not possible since the component only trying to change the value and not the react data that attached to the input.

My question is, is this possible? or this is not possible because you cannot update the React state from the view directly. When you run your jQuery code, the changes are only temporarily applied to the DOM, but React does not know about this. As such, when React needs to re-render the view the old values in the DOM will be overwritten.

Please note I'm using the numpad on the list-item. Every time the value is changed I invoke onchange action to compute a value for a specific column.


Hi Princess,

You can you use the onSet event of the mobiscroll control and call a client-side action that will set the variable which is bound to the input.