I'm currently taking the "Mobile Apps" tutorials and I found something really weird.

Sometimes, after a certain action, Service Studio appears to block.

For example, right now I just dragged an "Icon" to the inside of a "List Item" and I am not able to change the icon size or to do anything else with any other component (image below).

Anyone else has info on this?



you have the latest version of SS?

Hi mariap,

This is a bug that seems introduced in a recent version of SS, causing the properties (of any object, not just screen widgets, but also action widgets) to appear read-only (though it is possible to change expressions in the expression editor) - I encountered it many times. I found that the remedy is simple: just click on another screen or action in the tree, then go back to the previous, and you can edit again.

EDIT: Note that it has little to do with mobile development per se, it also happens when developing web apps.

@J., yes, I do have the latest version.

@Kilian, thanks, I have done that as well. I haven't seen it in web development yet because since we ugraded to 10 that I'm only working with mobile. Do you know if OutSystems staff is aware of this? It is really annoying if I always have to change to another screen and come back again everytime this happens...

I thought I created a bug report for it, but I can't find it, so I probably didn't. In case it happens to you again, choose the "Submit Feedback" option from the Help menu in Service Studio, specify the problem, and send feedback. Then OS will know :).


Update: This bug is solved in version 10.0.405.0

"Fixed elements properties that sometimes were read-only. (#1486276)" (Release Notes)


Cool, thanks for the info.