[Sales] WebPatterns Columns, Flip, etc ... not

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Published on 2018-10-12 by Hugo 
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Published on 2018-10-12 by Hugo 

For some reason, none of the cool webpatterns are working for me.

I have started with the SALES and CASES apps from the Forge and have enhanced them for our business.

However, for example, in SALES, the Structure\Columns2 does not work - on mobile, the columns do NOT BREAK even with I have BreakAll set.

Another example, the Utilities\FlipContent does not work - both the CardFront and CardBack are rendered on the page and both are visible at all times.

It seems that none of the nice Silk / WebPatterns are working ... HELP?!?

SEE ATTACHED Sales.oml and go to the Dashboard_SalesManager interface for these two example issues.

Thanks so much folks for the help - really need it!


Hi Bruce,

This is now a community open source project. You can join the team and update it. The issue is probably due to an outdated reference to Silk UI Mobile Patterns