connection to

Dear all,

our customer (BDI) which is a bank in Indonesia really concern about security especially regarding connection to
so the questions are

1. does the ip list which is required to be register in their firewall is the one mention in here ?

{"CLOUDFRONT_GLOBAL_IP_LIST": ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""], "CLOUDFRONT_REGIONAL_EDGE_IP_LIST": ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""]}

2. what kind of file or transmission of data type will be occure between their Outsystems environment & Amazone Cloud?

3. which service of outsystems server needs to be connected to ?  is it front-end server or deployment controller?

4. BDI going to deploy 3 outsystems environment, dev - uat - prod.
does each of this environment have to be able to connect to ?

Thank you in advanced.

Hello Arnold.

Have you seen the article about Mobile App Builder Service connectivity requirements ?


Hi Cesar,

yes I have check that article...

unfortunately our customer which is a bank in Indonesia want to double check about this matters, especially the type of data which will send/receive between & on-premise outsystems p10 installation.

Thank you.

Hello Arnold.

All the required information to build your application (e.g.: ApplicationIcon, Certificates, Provisioning Profiles, Client Side Code) must go to the build system. The information will just be used to generate your app in a secure way. There isn't any public article around this yet, so, in the meantime, my suggestion would be for you to open a support case and through that channel get the proper information to provide to your customer.


Thank you for your response Cesar