Site properties in Outsystem


I want to create newly site properties and wanted to use in overall application. Suppose i changed the default value in service center, that should be reflect in service studio screen. Please provide me 

real scenario base example for this.



Store all site properties on a single espace, then for each site property create an action to return the value and set those actions as public. Then is only consume those actions where needed.


I'm not really sure what is it exactly that you're asking, but you can't change a site property's default value in Service Center. You can only change its "Effective Value", which, as the name implies, is the value that will effectively be used by the application.

Just to add to your question about a real scenario, for instance, if you had some sort of logic on a screen, like logging or something of this nature, you could add an if statement on a site property, that if it is true, it will log, if false it will not.

So maybe you need to log certain things, and later find what ever information you need and do not need the logging anymore, you could then change the effective value in service center to no longer perform this action without completing a deployment of your application.