how to download in mobile application in outsystems

Hi i need to download a file from an URL, but in Mobile Application i do not know how to download. Please there any chance to do this? how? thanks


Hi Leidy,

The reason for this is that depending on your mobile platform, there's no such thing as a "download". I understand that iOS for example doesn't have a download functionality per se (though I've never worked with iOS).

That said, there's a File Transfer Plugin for mobile in the Forge. I'd suggest you to take a look at it, it seems to do what you need.

Like Kilian explained, in iOS there's no concept of downloading a file; it has to be stored in the context of an application. If it doesn't harm your use case's usability, I would suggest you just let the operating system open your link in its default browser; the options available after that would depend on the user having an application capable of opening that file.

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