OnTabChanged event is not triggered by swipe


OnTabChanged event is not triggered by swiping - tabs are change but event doesn't fire. However if tab header is clicked it triggers the event. Is this a bug in tab UI?

Thank you.



We identified that issue last week and already fixed it, it will be available on the next Silk UI Mobile release, which will happen probably during next week with minor fixes.


Hi Dinis,

I've managed to fix it by cloning tabs block.

However Silk Ui Mobile seems not possible to update on our environment due to that it is not the latest version ( so we have errors when run "upgrade" from forge.

thank you


Currently, I'm trying to deal with the same problem and it seems not been solved yet.

Can you tell how did you handle with this issue? 



Hi Armindo,

As I remember I've added triggering "OnTabChange" event on GestureEnd Action.



You can open It in MobilePatterns eSpace clone and copy from there to your project as a web block.

Hi guys,

Updating your SIlk UI Mobile from Forge will solve the issue :)