Mobile - List do not show all items


I have a query that returns 73 records but the list only shows 23, this happens on mobile.

I have two situations, one is if I use the ListItem some items appear while I scroll down/up, but with not consistent behavior. 

The other situation is when I use a div within the list, in this case there are always only 23 items.

Any Help?


Pedro Coelho


Hi Pedro,

How do you know the query returns 73 records? If it does, are all 73 records also in the list? Could you use the devtools to check what records are in JavaScript?

Hi Kilian,

The query that returns the data is a server action and I checked that it returns 73 records in the debug, also JSON have all records:

The first scenario, where I want to show 4 records per line and only appear 26 items (sorry, not 23):

In the second scenario where I use the ListItem the behavior is different, because when I do scroll some elements are shown and others hidden, what is normal but the scroll is not smooth, I can see elements being inserted while I scroll. I will send a video by message.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Pedro,

What do you use to fill the list? UIs it dynamic? Do you use an OnScrollEnding?

I have similar issue in reactive web app, List group showing only 25 records even though there are 61 total records. did anyone found the solution?

Hi all,

I have the same issue as described above by Pedro. I investigated this a little further, and the problem seems to be the size of the webblock that I use inside my list group. When I load the page without the webblock, it shows all the records and also in the inspect elements, all div containers for each record of the list are loaded. When I insert the webblock again, the list only goes to the first 20. When I decrease the height of the webblock, it shows all records again, so it must be some maximum height the list group accepts, however I can't find the problem. Below is the nesting of my listgroup. Also increasing the height of my listgroup manually does not work. 

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Kind regards,



Hi all,

I dived into this problem again with a colleague and I am happy to inform that we managed to fix the problem ourselves. 

We first tried a lot of things, but what really helped us was to Google the List Group item that we were using. We found online that many people have problems with this List Group when using a complex div structure to display for each record in this list. After searching for a while, we came across the Disable Virtualization attribute of the list group. What happens is that when the list strucure becomes too large, the records of the list are not loaded in the DOM. When setting Disable Virtualization to "True", you force the DOM to load all the elements in the list and therefore our initial problem is solved. 


This works for a issue i had with adding a css class to a list item.

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