ios App generation Error-"ios: Error compiling Cordova plugin"

I am building a Firebase Push Notification App using the following cordova plugin -: I downloaded the git file on my computer and used it in my project resources. Have also included the required GoogleService-Info.plist file in the resources.

The app works fine for android. But gives me the following error while generating the app for ios: 

" iOS: Error compiling Cordova plugin: OutSystems/Plugins/cordova-plugin-firebase/AppDelegate+FirebasePlugin.m"

I haven't made any changes in the AppDelegate+FirebasePlugin.m file. 

Can someone help me figure this out?

"Hello Abhishek.I was able to use the plugin. Can you build your app again?Thanks" 
Reply by César Afonso

Hi César, thank you for your reply. I did build the app a couple of times. Also retried it by creating a new app. The error persists. 

Hello Abhishek.

Can you give it another try? The service is continuously improving.

Thank you

Hello Abhishek.

Were you able to generate your application?

Thank you

hi all,

getting error when i try to generate IOS app

In iOS Error compiling Cordova plugin: 

How can i over come?


Does it work in Android? Are you using more than one plugin?

Try creating an app with just the plugin that's not compiling and check if it's working.