How to change; search_wrapper

We are new to Outsystems. So sorry for this simple question;

In case I generate a default 'list screen' I asume it uses a template to generate the screen. Where and how do I change the default templates?

Thanks,  Henri B.

Well, partly.

the theme you have chose got a default layout_webblock.

if you override that with your own layout_webblock you can change most stuff.

then ofcousre it's matter of changeing the style of for example TableRecords and you are done!

Thanks for your reply.

So in case I have choosen 'Vanilla' ........... I see a webblock 'VanillaBase\Layout_Vanilla' with a holder called 'MainContent' within there .................. Nothing.

In case I alter a screen, I see the placeholders and can alter them. So where is the 'default' webblock stored? How do I get to it? 

Or are default screen templates not the solution and do I need an other path?

So I want to alter the default template of (see pict)


Do you mean this settings:

You are all pointing in the right direction, but I want to know how to change the lay-out default web blocks. 

In my case, I need to change the webBlock (template) that is used to generate default list-screens

Hello Henri,

If I understand you correctly I think you have to 'open' the vanilla base layout, you can only do this by going to the template and do a right click on the layout webblock ->  'open in ....  '. But since this is a 'system' eSpace, you can't open it, you have to clone it (SS will ask this automaticly).

So if this is the case you can do 2 things:

1) Make a own layout  webblock with placeholders (names have to be OS complient (Header, MainContent etc)), then you can use that webblock as the layout webblock.

2) Make a own layout webblock that is based on the vanilla layout webblock. So your placeholdes are in hte placeholders of that webblock.

Hope this was what you needed (-:

Kind regards,