How to Bind Static entity to CheckBoxList

How to Bind Static entity to CheckBoxList


Hello Team,

Could you please suggest me how to bind static entity to checkbox list in OutSytem?

I have one static entity "Company Code"  with below values ; A,B,C,D.

I want result in below format ;


Prachi Kurundkar.

Hi Prachi,

Little more information required , do you want only one to select at a time ?



no , more than one can be selected.

hi, Prachi.

- The check box must be bound to a variable of type boolean. You can add a new attribute, say it "IsSelected" to the static Entity and give initial value "false" (means that it is initially "not selected").

- create 4 variables of type static entity "Company Code"

- assign each check box to each proper variable (A, B, C, D) and so its label.

- in preparation action of the screen just initialize the 4 variables with proper static entity record.

- check the value of attribute isSelected for each variable.

- file .oml is enclosed