How to Bind Static entity to CheckBoxList

Hello Team,

Could you please suggest me how to bind static entity to checkbox list in OutSytem?

I have one static entity "Company Code"  with below values ; A,B,C,D.

I want result in below format ;


Prachi Kurundkar.

Hi Prachi,

Little more information required , do you want only one to select at a time ?



no , more than one can be selected.

hi, Prachi.

- The check box must be bound to a variable of type boolean. You can add a new attribute, say it "IsSelected" to the static Entity and give initial value "false" (means that it is initially "not selected").

- create 4 variables of type static entity "Company Code"

- assign each check box to each proper variable (A, B, C, D) and so its label.

- in preparation action of the screen just initialize the 4 variables with proper static entity record.

- check the value of attribute isSelected for each variable.

- file .oml is enclosed